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Taking Back Sunday - Where You Want To Be

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 07/09/2004 | Comments: 225 | Rate:

Someone come here and remove the ice pick from my ear, I stuck it there to end the terrible noise coming from my speakers when I inserted this nugget of pure donkey shit. These CDs I keep getting just keep getting worse... and worse... and worse. I didn't even review this bands first CD because every time I tried to listen to it I was tempted to stick a fork in my light socket to make the pain end.

There is absolutely nothing good about this. At all. I could go on and on for days about why bands like this need to stop while they're ahead.. but I'll just leave it at this... if you buy this... you are a big fucking sucker.

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\m/ Rawwk.
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Taking Back Sunday are frigging fantastic.
And i like the new album. Okay, not as good as the previous, but it aint that bad.

Cant wait until i see them at the Leeds Fest! wahoo.
hey hey stink face
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Wats so wrong with TBS!? i think the albums gr8... 1st one was better tho. X

No Hopes to Die Fo
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This cd is okay once you listen to it a couple of times but it can't compare to their old cd & "Tell all your friends" owns over this one...
I have no legs!
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Wicked good band. All of you deserve to die. And burn in hell.
hates mayonnaise
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Originally posted by:_____recycle

Wicked good band. All of you deserve to die. And burn in hell.

new cocks
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ahahaha damn, is this the biggest cd review thread?

êmº k¡ð
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wat the fuck r u all on? taking back sunday fuckin rule and n e fucker who says different is an asshole.......listen to it properly fuckers!!!!!!
119 Posts
i myself like this cd.

to each their own, i guess.
cubic time cube
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can't people just accept that this band is no good and get on with their lives?
hates chicken.
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Originally posted by:xtimothyx

haha, it's pretty sad when i know exactly what the reviews gonna say before i even read it. with that said, i love this album.


êmº k¡ð
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how about i properly insert my foot up your ass?

how about u shut the fuck up?
I got nothing.
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I'm not a fan but I find it funny how huge this site is and how it is really a pillar of the indie music community, and even before TBS signed to a major label their records were selling 200,000 plus copies which leads me to believe many of the people here that are now dissing them probably own a couple of their records.
suit up
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Originally posted by:distorted_smile

how about i properly insert my foot up your ass?

how about u shut the fuck up?

now that's not very nice.
I have no legs!
2,567 Posts

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