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Taking Back Sunday - Where You Want To Be

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 07/09/2004 | Comments: 225 | Rate:

Someone come here and remove the ice pick from my ear, I stuck it there to end the terrible noise coming from my speakers when I inserted this nugget of pure donkey shit. These CDs I keep getting just keep getting worse... and worse... and worse. I didn't even review this bands first CD because every time I tried to listen to it I was tempted to stick a fork in my light socket to make the pain end.

There is absolutely nothing good about this. At all. I could go on and on for days about why bands like this need to stop while they're ahead.. but I'll just leave it at this... if you buy this... you are a big fucking sucker.

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Screaming at a Wal
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Originally posted by:Ian/

Originally posted by:Clairvoyant Disease

I don't see what's really wrong with this's not like the first.. but I enjoy it

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Atreyu, Anberlin, Project 86, UnderOATH, Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, Demon Hunter, Misery Signals

thats why you see nothing wrong with this album.

there's nothing wrong with thursday.
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You guys are all fucking assholes!!! You don't even know what REAL music is!!! TBS is amazing!!! I will fight you all with my army of 13 year old girls!!! I saw them live and they were like, um, so good!!! They're EMOTIONAL and real unlike most of your music!!! I <3 TBS. No, wait, i really don't. They suck hard. They're terrible! They eat cock for breakfast. I'd rather take a cheese grater to my face, have all my nails ripped off and wipe my ass with sandpaper before i'd buy or listen to this CD. Pure shit!!! HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA!! SHITSHITSHITSHITSHITSHITSHITSHITSHITSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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yeah, first cd is good. this one, isn't so hot.
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or AS hot
I have no legs!
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i got a bad feeling about this band

they fuckin suck
The Brown Sound
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Can you say OVERRATED?
Music freak
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perhaps a better explanation as to WHY it sucks exactly would be pretty nice, considering that is what a review is, aside from in depth explanations of what it makes you want to do to yourself.. this review sounds like a conversation i have with friends all the time.
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this shit doesnt suck....all you mutha fuckers suck!!!
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2 songs. Decade under the Influence and Photograph is Proof. Other than that this record is a waste of space in your cd player.
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yer well u suck so bad u little wannabees. taking back sunday rock u TOWNIES. you should get a life and try listening to good music. nice talking to u. not.
Eat My Fuck
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hahaha whats the point of opening a forum about taking back sunday everyones just gonna sa how much they suck, and they should... this band is horrible
looks so beautiful
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i fuckin love taking back sunday!!!
I have no legs!
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They suck balls.
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omg i love taking back sunday who ever doesnt yah just hating freaking haters!!!!
Sick of this Scene
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Love this damn band they rock

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