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Fugazi - Fugazi live series

vincentpghpa   (33 reviews)

Posted: 06/18/2005 | Comments: 4 | Rate:


One of the greatest bands in the world have released a series of concerts. This is a series of 20 shows spanning the entire career (and 32 discs)of Fugazi. Starting with the first show they ever did as a 3 piece and ending in 99 as a five piece.

Not just a greatest package because all of their songs are great. This has every song in the whole catalog plus a few that haven't been on their albums.

Some of the discs sound less than phenominal because at the time they were recorded there was only cassette available or a few recording glitches. A lot of the discs have between song banter of Ian or Guy preaching or speaking or breaking up fights or some shit like that but it only adds to the character of the band as a whole.

You can buy the whole series or you can get show by show. The completist freak that I am had to get them all.

Good hearty recommendations are:

volume 1 which is the first show ever and it was before Guy joined the band. It only has 9 songs and all the songs sound young. Even has "in defense of humans" which is a real rarity.

Volume 4 is one of the ones at the top of my list. They were still a young band but they sound like they had 20 years of playing off each other then. Latin Roots, Blueprint, rRunaway return, seive fisted find. Man I am getting a chub just writing this!

Volume 8 Is pretty damn good. Sound is primo and the emotion there makes you wanna cry and kick down the walla at the same time. Deer Justice, Rend it, Instrument, Sweet and low. All just fantastic.

Volume 18 is the 10 anniversary show and it kicks. Brendan #1, Long devision (especially sweet) and bed for the scraping are all on this one and maybe my favorite from this series.

Volume 20 is especially important because it has the fifth Fugazi. Jerry Busher is on percussion and he adds a lot to the chemestry as a whole. I am not sure if this is his debut with the band but it's awesome! Merchandise, Promises, Break, Caustic acrostic. All awesome.

All in all this is the greatest bunch of discs I have got all year. Some may say I am biased because I just absolutely adore this band but c'mon how can anyone not like them. The live series is a way for them to give back to the fans and with 8 dollars for single discs and 10 for double I think they did.

A few glitches here and there but a solid release from a solid band!

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yeah this is strange that it's not on dischord....for this reason....i will bootleg.
Train joke now!
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It is sanctioned by the band and the band put it out they just didn't think it was appropriate for all of them to go on dischord so Joe Lally is actually the point of contact when ordering them.
burrito warlord
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Fugazi is good.
Guerilla Show
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Amazing band.

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