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Donnybrook - Lions In This Game

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 07/07/2005 | Comments: 18 | Rate:

So gone is the second singer, but I don't think it really effected this band too much, because this is a quality hardcore release, a rarity nowadays in the era of bands trying to see who can wear more makeup while still trying to call themselves a hardcore band. Donnybrook keeps it 1995, the way some of us like our hardcore.

Two steps and breakdowns that have the whole crowd moving are covered by confident lyrics dealing with all sorts of problems... one being the internet (techno-logic-kill). The internet has not only allowed music to be much more easily heard, but also allows every idiot with a keyboard the ability to think they know everything about music and shoot off their mouths. People need to at least educate themselves on the scene before they make retarded statements about what hardcore is and isn't.

They cover "Victim" by District Nine on this release as well, which is a nice suprise for anyone that even remembers them.

Anyways, there need to be more hardcore releases sent to me, all I get is crappy emo and some good metal, but when I get a release like this it reknews my hope in the real scene: the local scenes that still exist and have people that have been supporting them for years. Donnybrook also needs to hit up PA again, so I can mosh some people in the face.

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hates chicken.
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I had extremely low expectations for this CD (based off the one song they released months ago), but when I heard the whole thing, it was actually fairly decent. I still swear by the demo being their best release, but I like the way they sped things up for this. However, putting gang vocals in place of where the second vocalist was (like in Technologikill) is annoying as shit.
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Haven't heard the whole thing, but I've liked what I've heard. I agree the band is still strong even without the other vocalist.
FTW Champion
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I like this album a whole lot.
I have no legs!
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the second singer was thrown out cuz he was white...........
Floating Boy Media
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i liked this cd except some of the lyrics were just stupid.
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I love this cd!
old underoath owns
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i dont like this band
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I really really want this album.
Dave B. #2
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34/M/PA a great fucken cd by a great fucken band
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When I can actually find this in a store around here, I will pick it up.
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i remember district 9
FTW Champion
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Alright, I still like this album, but after yesterday, fuck Donnybrook.
vanilla gorilla
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what happened yesterday
FTW Champion
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They didn't just not show up, they played another show in Connecticut.
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singing along in the car! still proper good stuff coming out of those nigs!

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