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Aiden - Nightmare Anatomy

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 11/02/2005 | Comments: 101 | Rate:

1) Bad hair and makeup.
2) horrible song names, lyrics, vocals, and music.
3) stupid band name and album name.

Three strikes, you're out. This band brings the suck about as hard as a mediocre second rate misfits rip off band can. I wish Danzig would kick this band's ass for stealing their look and covering it with music that seriously made my brain hurt. I made it through about 2 songs before throwing it out the window. This is another release I can see a shitload of 15 year olds loving and calling me "teh sux" or saying shit like "OMG if u dont lik this band you should dye!"

Well, whatever. In two years when you start outgrowing bad music you'll smack yourself for every liking this band. So you can take your comments and stick em right up your asses.

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worst band ever, without a doubt.
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GAAAAHHHH!!!!!watz wrong with u people!!!

alll of u r just jealous!!!!!!i hate u!!!!!

u people should just lie down and die!!!!!GGGGGGGRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sill here
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. . cause this really needed to be bumped again.

thanks bulldyke.
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"teh sux"
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this band is bad ass..anyone who doesnt like it is a fucking can u not like this album..yea the other two albums they made after this one sucks..but all the songs are really good.
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shut up
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pixie: So, you did the in-store/signing on Long Island last night - how did that go?

wiL: Oh, it was awesome. Tons of kids showed up. It was a lot of fun, we got to play some new songs.

pixie: Was the fan reaction good - did they like the new songs?

wiL: For some people it was the first time hearing them, but yeah, they liked it a lot. It was really good.

pixie: You had said the album's sound had changed, but it was still Aiden - writing about that on your MySpace - and you seemed a bit worried about that. Have you been getting a positive response?

wiL: Yeah, I just mainly put that there for the people who think that we want to change for reasons like money, or that we want to change out sound so we could make a million bucks or something. But that's not the case. I just want to make music that I'm in love with and I can't keep writing the same old shit over and over.

pixie: I don't think anyone could - for example, I know you like Placebo, and their evolution over their albums is why they've endured, and I think you're following that path. You're just growing up.

wiL: Exactly. I hope so, anyways.

pixie: The "One Love" video just debuted - how did you come up with the concept for it?

wiL: It was a brainstorming conscious effort between the director and myself. We wanted to make something off the wall and wacky, but still have some kind of underlying meaning of hope that I hope is still there.

pixie: It's pretty and creepy at the same time. I like it. Is that Jeffree Starr in the video?

wiL: It is Jeffree Starr.

pixie: Internet celebrity! How do you know him?

wiL: Oh, I met him a couple of years ago. He came to one of the shows and we've been friends ever since.

pixie: I noticed that you have a "Love Will Tear Us Apart" tattoo and have seen comparisons between Conviction and Joy Division. How does that make you feel?

wiL: Oh, I think that's awesome. They're one of my favorite bands.

pixie: With all the tattoos that you have, how do you feel about Aiden fan tattoos? Do you see them a lot?

wiL: I feel honored. Somebody would take the time to get something like that tattooed on their body, that's going to be there forever. That's a big commitment. It makes me feel like, wow... I'm affecting change.

pixie: I think you are. You share so many deep emotions in your songs - how do you manage to put yourself out there like that?

wiL: Well, I just try and be as honest as I can about who I am and where I've been, and where I want to go. Who I want to become. I don't have any ulterior motives, other than to just stand on the stage and talk about what's happened in my life and try to connect with people in the world around me by playing music. And I think people can see that. There's a lot of people that can try to pull the wool over your eyes, make you think they're something that they're not... but I think it's the realism and the honesty that people connect with.

pixie: Absolutely, but is it draining to be that honest with people? To give people pieces of your life?

wiL: Not really... I guess I feel like if I can't be honest in my life and with people that surround me, then what I am really doing?

pixie: People can see through the transparent, processed rock, where people are playing songs they don't feel. They look uncomfortable. It's kind of what sucks about rock today. And you guys don't do that at all.

wiL: Totally. It's become a marketing tool, a fucking capitalist venture for people who want to cash in. It's sad because there aren't very many rock bands out there being honest and doing what they do because they love it... it's fucking ruined by lust and greed and all sorts of crazy shit. Guys who just want to make a million buck and bang a bunch of chicks. I don't know man, it's fucking sickening
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Originally posted by:Hanna-xx

well people have different opnions and likes okay? we should all agree to disagree becuase personally i believe aiden changed my life.

This actually the saddest thing I've ever heard.

Sadder than the episode of futurama where fry's dog dies while waiting for him, and that's sad.

I am so sorry that your life is so awful that they could do that, so genuinely sorry. If I can help in anyway, please let me know.
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Lol, Aiden is a pretty terrible band. The only people that seem to like them is whiny young teenagers going through the whole "everyone is against me" phase. Of course, I am a young teenageer, I'm just inclined to listen to good music.
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Originally posted by: dakota4928

Lol, Aiden is a pretty terrible band. The only people that seem to like them is whiny young teenagers going through the whole "everyone is against me" phase. Of course, I am a young teenageer, I'm just inclined to listen to good music.

ahhh someone under 20 with a brain
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i saw them once not but choice on accident i watched about 22 secs before i left bunch of homos that dress up to be marketable...thats whats in and its sd..they look normal before they play but they have to get their outfits on before they play for the kiddies..their puppets thats all whatever the label tells em they do probably blow dudes as well..sorry kids their a bunch of fags...xoxoxo

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