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Hank Williams III (3) - Straight To Hell

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 03/12/2006 | Comments: 30 | Rate:

God do I love this dude. He went from being in a metal band (Superjoint Ritual) to picking up where his grandpappy left off. Hank Sr. is smiling down from heaven on his kin, waiting for him to join him for a bottle of jack when his time comes. I have been a huge fan of Hank Sr. for some time and when I found out Hank 3 sounds and looks like him, I was excited. Hank Jr. ruined himself with bad songs and that stupid monday night football song. It's hard to take him seriously, but the 3rd is deadly serious.

He puts the dick back in dixie, thats for damn sure. He takes you back to a time when barfights were a nightly occurance, when whiskey flowed like candy, and when country relected the listener, instead of the way it is now. Most new country makes me want to vomit on myself, save perhaps Neko Case.

"I been beat up I been kicked around I been thrown out of every bar in this dang town".... me and the guys I work with sing this on the jobsite al the time. It's pretty much my life. He has his faster songs, slow and depressing ones, and just basically keeps it origional throughout. The Johnny Cash and hank Sr. influence is undeniable. His guitarwork is fucking amazing, putting most new artists to shame. He takes classic country pickin to whole new levels in such songs as "Smoke and Wine" and "Pills I Took".

So hail! the savior of country. Embrace this dude, he is fucking great. Fuck all the other new crappy country, this is the real shit. Makes me wanna go muddin while drinkin and smoking huge blunts. I would give my left arm to hang with this dude, we'd end up in jail or dead.

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drop a hard J
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this record is pure awesome.

it's nice to hear some real country still being played.
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fucking a! just bought it last night, and ive listened to it 3 time already. great cd! beer drinkn', pill taken', weed smokin', good old southern boy vibe, just like jr. & sr. before him. this album destroys!!!!
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for sirius satelite subscribers, hank 3 is being interviewed tonight (03/17) and 7pm eastern time, on the outlaw country channel (063).
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Good god, even your positive reviews are horrible.
vanilla gorilla
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suck a dick bitch! i said all i had to say about this album. take your lip elsewhere you flaming faggot
I have no legs!
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finally got a chance to purchase this

great album, thanks for the review
vanilla gorilla
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and he set the record straight on this album... kid rock is a fuckin yank and ain't no son of hank
I have no legs!
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gavlick left it in my car

needless to say he hasnt gotten it back yet
sexual predator
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Hahaha, I love that part.
vanilla gorilla
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i'm goin straight to hell, might as well get me one more round
god this shit is catchy
sexual predator
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Damn I wanna see him live again. So much fun.
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blood on the carpet, hole in the wall! musta been them pills i took!
Big Country
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WOW these people don't know hardly anything about III. First off he did his grandaddies music WAY before SJR, he plays THREE sets onstage.. his old country, his HELLBILLY set which consists of old country mixed with hardcore punk (one of his favorite bands is The Misfits) and last is his metal band Assjack. Its true the only way you can get the Hellbilly stuff is to download it from websites such as or any other peer-to-peer programs but you can get his Assjack cds from his concerts. Cocaine Blues IS a Johnny Cash remake, the beginning of Straight To Hell's Satan Is Real is an old country song. III wanted to cover the whole song but the original artist wanted $20,000 so III opted to do only a segment and Pills I Took is also a cover. Yes I have met the man and talked to him after his shows, as a matter of fact I am going to see his show in Lawrence Ks tomorrow night. If you like even some of his stuff, i recommend downloading his full concerts and listening to it all and go out and buy all three country cds he has.
Join the Armada
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Yeah the dudes metal stuff is insane "Pistol Packin Motherfucker" is an awesome song.

"Put the Dick in Dixie, and the Cunt in Country"

Zakk Weeks
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Just bought this today. soo good!

These have to my fav tracks

-Thrown out of the Bar

-Country Heroes

-Pills I Took

-Dick in Dixie

-Not Everybody Likes Us (hahaha take that kid rock)

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