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Between The Buried and Me - Colors

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 08/23/2007 | Comments: 91 | Rate:

So before I review this I will give a rundown on my previous reviews of this band.

S/T - I have liked this album from the day I first heard it and still listen to it this day, Nuff said.

Silent Circus - it was a decent effort but not nearly as tight as the first one. Seemed like they may have been trying a little too hard.

The Anatomy Of - it was only a cover album but I think they did a decent job on all the covers, especially the Pink Floyd cover.

Alaska - I thought Alaska was their most solid release to date, pretty damn good.

Well, with all that said, I'll be the first to say that this album blows all their previous efforts right the fuck away. This is a masterpiece, an epic adventure of musical madness. It might was well be one song, the way the transitions are arranged. Usually that means boring, but this album is so far from boring it's insane.

They take their prog influence to a whole new level, and come together as a band to compose seemless technical melodies while retaining the heaviness of the music. This is better than almost every tech metal album I've heard lately, that's for sure.

There's only 8 songs but that really doesn't matter. The songs change tempo and direction so many times that it stays interesting the entire length of the album. Also, most of the non-into/intertlude songs are over 5 minutes long and some as long as almost 15 minutes.

I'd say my favorite track is number 4 (Sun Of Nothing) , which includes a strange part that sounds like something out of a trippy 70s animated movie, surrounded by intricate song structures and the breakdowns that their old fans will appreciate. But even their breakdowns are different than anything I've ever heard, they take them to a whole new level.

The heaviest song on here also the longest - "White Walls". This is where most of the ear pummeling takes place. The 15 minutes just fly by.

If you are an old fan of theirs and have been disheartened by their last few efforts, you must check this out. Or, if you just like innovative amazing music, this is something you need to hear. Check out the free Mp3's below.

Track Listing
1. Foam Born:The Backtrack (2:13)
2. The Decade Of Statues (5:20)
3. Informal Gluttony (6:47)
4. Sun Of Nothing (10:59)
5. Ants Of The Sky (13:10)
6. Prequel To The Sequel (8:36)
7. Viridian (2:51)
8. White Walls (14:13)

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its like rush meets all that remains

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