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Belay My Last - The Downfall

knifeandfacetragedy   (61 reviews)

Posted: 04/07/2008 | Comments: 7 | Rate:

This is a fairly standard "deathcore" release, but I have to say it is quite a bit better than others.

Most of these kinds of bands rely way too heavily on bass drops, cliche excerpts from 10,000 Donnie Darko Corpses of the Living Dead 28 Days Later and silly/ironic song titles than on actual talent, which this band has.

I'm starting to realize these bands are all a product of 16-year-old kids getting Fused Together in Revolving Doors for their birthday six years ago and now that they learned how to chug and whee with their guitars, they're getting signed onto relatively obscure indie labels with beta metal albums and are scouring the earth (and myspace) for as many friends/fans as possible.

But occasionally some of these bands end up being bright spots of light for future metaldom and I think this band is one of them. Right now their songwriting is pretty formulaic, albeit complex and relatively advanced, but it's also leaps and bounds ahead of most of the other bands doing the same style. Should they stay together, their sophomore release could be a real piece of work.

Hopefully they won't end up another trendcore band that breaks up as soon as they realize Myspace can't carry you to vast fortune (unless you're Tom..that lucky bastard) and they'll keep plugging along, writing more musical and more advanced metal in the future.

Here's to hoping.

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Stronger than all
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I've seen these kids play a few times and they're not bad, though I think Cholera and I Declare War are both better representatives of the genre.
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I'll have to check those bands out. I used to avoid the "deathcore" genre like the plague but I've recently noticed some of the bands are less annoying and dare I say more talented than most of the others.
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I can agree with this review for the most part but the one thing you failed to touch on were the atrocious lyrics, soooooo fucking bad. It's like an emo kid worshipping Satan wrote them.
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Haha...I didn't listen to the lyrics but it doesn't surprise me. I caught a few lines here and there and they sounded pretty awful. Fortunately it's not hard to let the lyrics fly by without much thought.

It's interesting though...why is it so hard for people to write decent lyrics? If some of these bands wrote music that's as shitty as their lyrics they'd be fucking banished from the earth.
life is gawbage
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you answered you're own question in the review

they're 16
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What is the world coming to? I was playing little league baseball when I was 16...
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good review

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