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Dark Fortress - Ylem

the cat   (39 reviews)

Posted: 01/20/2010 | Comments: 1 | Rate:

This album's title nails it. Ylem is a term used in cosmology to describe the substance from which our universe sprang forth. A profound and endlessly far-reaching yet fairly cryptic and obscure concept.

Dark fortress displays an ambitious and relentless mastery of their craft with this release. Tastefully complex and powerful guitar work runs the black metal gamut with a seasoned confidence acquired by few bands at this level. But the thesis here is unambiguous; DF is no one trick pony. The band makes deliberate and consistent ventures outside the box on almost every track. The vocals and drumming that accompany are very solid and fit the dynamic fretwork like a glove.

These 10 tracks are something DF should be proud of. I hesitate to assign an "A" grade here because while Ylem has all the elements an unforgettable album, the song structure can be somewhat awkward at points. This is minor and fairly infrequent but seems to be the Achilles' heel that keeps this from securing a permanent position in my play list.

In sum, Ylem is the sound of a black metal band at the top of their game exploring galaxies of new sounds in a well tempered and highly disciplined fashion. It's basically Jean-Luc Picard running shit with corpse paint on. I'd recommend any type of metalhead to check this out.

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love this album. satan bled, while kind of corny is such a bad ass song.

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