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Diskreet - Engage The Mechanicality

scumbucket   (42 reviews)

Posted: 09/16/2010 | Comments: 6 | Rate:

Before jumping into this review, I had no idea who Diskreet was, so I decided to do some research on the band. The band was formed in 2003, with Engage the Mechanicality being their sophomore release. Kerrang! magazine has even cited Diskreet as being "The Best New Band In Death Metal."

Upon reading this, I was immediately intrigued, so with my expectations somewhat set, I dove headfirst into the album and hit play. After the buffer intro ended, I can honestly say I was taken by surprise. Unlike most bands who claim to be a death metal outing but end up being a shitty deathcore act, Diskreet is exactly what they say they are. Death metal with no gimmicks, no fillers.

the album starts out with Valley of Kings, which bursts out with a pummeling assault riddled with well-timed blast beats, and guitar fretwork that goes at a blistering pace. This is all accompanied by vocalist Stephen Babcock, who, without a doubt has some of the best vocals in modern death metal.

The rest of the album follows pretty much the same pattern, with some surprises thrown in every now and then in the form of guitar solos and various change-ups in the drum timing which kept it flowing at a refreshing pace instead of becoming stale and boring.

I always love finding bands who keep true to their genre of music when most bands in that respective genre have either died out, or are just some bullshit act. Diskreet's Engage The Mechanicality is an album full of relentless rage, with a skill level to match. If you're a fan of death metal and looking for something new and refreshing, I highly encourage picking this album up

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I have no legs!
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I never gave them a chance because of the deathcore label they're on, but this actually wasn't bad. Modern technical death metal.
I have no legs!
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yeah, i was pleasantly surprised. there are a few hidden bands with talent on the label
dr. spaceman
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worst album cover
I have no legs!
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i gotta snag this yet, but it sounds promising.
I have no legs!
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This review is dead on, I saw them perform a couple weeks ago and it was exactly what I've been missing. It's so refreshing to here a band that I can't live without the album. I heard the studio tracks on youtube, shits flawless. CMON Oct 26th!
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Saw them in a basement, I believe with Conducting from the Grave...good band live. Insane.

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