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Anal Cunt - Fuckin' A

emogeddon   (58 reviews)

Posted: 10/03/2010 | Comments: 3 | Rate:

Reviewing an Anal Cunt album is probably the shittiest thing I've done this week. Having to endure yet another foray into "let's see how we can be shocking this time around" started being dull around 1992.

I'll spare you the history lesson on the band because if you listen to any sort of heavy music, you've most certainly heard the storied career of Seth Putnam and whoever is in the band this week. It's well documented and a quick Google search will provide you the details that you seek.

What we're talking about is the "music."

I use that term very loosely because when it comes to Anal Cunt, that's a subjective term. They've made a career out of just being noise with very little discernible structure that could be construed as a song. This album switches it up and tries to be a "cock rock" album, as they put it.

The results are just...horrible.

The "songs" could have been written by a corpse and have the flow of getting a handjob by someone with Parkinson's disease. It's just a mess. I don't really see the point of this album but then again, this is the band that used being shocking to make a name for themselves, rather than worrying about writing songs.

To sum it up, I'm sure this album will get downloaded more than purchased so people can discuss the song titles and all that jazz. They'll probably play shows and be themselves and get their asses kicked. It's a never ending cycle that's been happening for over 20 years now. At this point, the only thing that will stop them is the inevitable fatal overdose.

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